Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Information Sharing and Analysis Center

An international non-profit, solving large problems impacting the connected, digital world on cyber security.

National Security Database Accreditation

India's LEADING cyber security non-profit

ISAC is an independent certification body and manages the National Security Database certification program, recognised by Government of India.

Information Sharing and Analysis Center is India’s leading certification and standards body. ISAC has PPP with Ministry of Education and MOU Partnership with Ministry of Defence, CERT-IN under Meity for cyber security capacity building. ISAC is a technology and a knowledge partner of Karnataka Digital Economy Mission and created a cyber security hub at Mysuru.

ISAC is mandated to establish cybersecurity centres of excellence and to strengthen the National Security Database with empanelment under an agreement with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Education.

All accreditations are awarded from 1st April of every year and are valid for a maximum of three years.

The expert team visit for compliance and audit is scheduled from 1st January to 10th March every year.

Accreditation Criteria for Training Providers

  • Criterion 1: Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives

  • Criterion 2: Program Curriculum and Teaching–Learning Processes

  • Criterion 3: Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes

  • Criterion 4: Capstone and Internships

  • Criterion 5: Industry Recognition and Support

  • Criterion 6: Faculty Qualification and Contributions

  • Criterion 7: Facilities and Technical Support

  • Criterion 8: Continuous Improvement

  • Criterion 9: Student Support Systems

  • Criterion 10: Governance and Professional Ethics