What is clean exit?

Clean Exit is an innovative solution for business owners and companies to stop employee frauds and misconduct.

How does it work?

If an employee misbehaves or does fraud, they are rated in the clean exit system which is centrally shared with companies.

The cat is out of the bag. Employees commit the biggest fraud in Indian firms.

Current and former employees are the biggest perpetrators of fraud in Indian companies, followed by agents and intermediaries, according to a survey by US-based risk consulting firm Kroll Inc.

Hindustan Times – January 19th 2017

Yet, action is not always easy.

  • Increased Legal Costs

    Most companies do not have the time and resources to focus on pursuing legal action.

  • Dealing with Law enforcement

    The process can be stressful and may create further inconvenience to CXOs and Management

  • Fear of losing reputation

    Most companies fear loss of reputation and business if the fraud becomes public knowledge

How clean exit works

Hire ethically strong employees who are in good standing in the clean exit database.

  • Detailed Profile in Database

    Linked with Aadhar number, you can record every aspect of policy, ethics and behavior violations, centrally stored in our database

  • Good Employees always win

    Strong mechanism of reporting ensures good employees are never victimised and wrongly rated. Designed to help good employees.

  • Comes with Insurance!

    That’s right. If employees do any frauds that get them convicted, we pay you for the insured loss!

If an employee does fraud that results in loss to the company, Clean Exit pays for it. You read it right!

 We are so confident of the process that we are willing to insure you against financial losses due to frauds committed by your employees. Unbelievable but its true!

Clean Exit works because it provides a strong deterrence model. Listen what our customers say:

We had instances when job applicants edited their resumes to reflect factual content and re-applied after they were notified that their profiles will be rated by clean exit.IT Firm, Gurgaon
No more torrent traffic or music downloads in office, thanks to Clean Exit. IT policy violations have come down significantly after employees were oriented by Clean Exit.Large design firm, Mumbai
An ex-employee started posting negatively against the management in social media and tried making internal chats viral in WhatsApp when asked to return company laptop. Clean exit solved it in 24 hours!Specialty Hospital, Bangalore

Clean Exit Offerings

For Universities

Code of Ethics Certificate Program for your students that can accelerate hiring by Clean Exit member companies.

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For Companies

Clean Exit rating for your employees and teams to prevent frauds and misconduct. With financial fraud insurance cover!

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For Business Agreements

Whenever you sign any agreement or contract, get the same registered with Clean Exit. This will protect your business and ensure timely performance of the contract.