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An international non-profit, solving large problems impacting the connected, digital world on cyber security.


CopConnect is an exclusive mobile app for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, Lawyers & CISOs to find technical & legal help in cyber crime investigations and cases.

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From Penetration Testing, Forensic Investigation to Intervention Officers, get the right help from the CopConnect platform.

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CopConnect is an initiative of the Information Sharing and Analysis Center in order to fight Cyber Crimes by acquiring assistance from experts in Information Security.

The objective of this program is for Security professionals to assist the Law Enforcement agencies to solve such cases which mostly do not even reach the FIR / inquiry stage and are closed due to lack of expertise and operation.

The App can be accessed by Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Cyber Crime Lawyers and CISOs.

Who can be listed in CopConnect?

The following can be listed in the platform

Cyber Crime Intervention Officers

Professionals who have undergone the Intervention officer training and are competent to support handling of level 1 cyber crime issues and act as first responders.

Cyber Security Professionals

Professionals with proven skills in various disciplines of Information Security that can aid LEA and Industry in effective investigation of cyber attacks and breaches.

Certified Cyber Crime Lawyers

Certified cyber crime lawyers who are technically competent to handle cyber crimes will be listed in the platform.

Cyber Security Consulting Companies

Companies who specialize in Digital Forensics Investigation, Incident response and Threat Hunting can list their services in the platform.

Registration for listing is free for Cyber Security Professionals. Only Cops, Lawyers and Schools can access the Cop Connect Platform.

Programmer working about software cyberspace

Benefits to Cyber Security Professionals

Use your skills to fight crime

India is #1 in cyber crime globally. Your technical skills and time are more valuable than donations! Do real social service by helping cops solve cyber crimes and giving justice to victims. With every hour you spend, you earn social rewards from ISAC!

Enhance your CV

When you contribute your free time in assisting victims or helping cops, you add credibility to your profile. This not only helps in getting better jobs but also opens up multiple professional opportunities for you. You will get a special Intervention Officer ID Card that comes with a host of benefits!

Exclusive Assignments

Get an exclusive invitation for networking events with Industry leaders and get consulting opportunities open only for CopConnect verified members. The more credibility you have, the better the consulting opportunities will be!

Police car on the street

Benefits to Cops

Fast-track your cases with professional help​

Find the right resources

Fast-track your cyber crime fighting capabilities from the power of community. Find the right resources from over 10+ categories to assist your cases.

Best Forensicators

Get the best forensicators with high experience to deal with complex cyber crimes. All verified by the stringent process of National Security Database.

Intervention Officers

Always find Intervention officers nearest to your location to assist you to speak correctly with the victims, especially young children, for reducing psychological impact of the cyber crimes and act as first respondent.

Benefits for Lawyers

When you register with CopConnect, you get visibility with CII Sectors, Corporate companies, Law enforcement agencies, 6000+ Schools and society at large who may need legal assistance due to being affected by some form of cyber crime across India. 

Registration fee is INR 10,000 per year for lawyers.


6000+ Schools

Over 6000+ Schools will have access to the CopConnect Platform to reach you for advice and legal aid. Parents are notified in PTMs to reach out via the platform for getting support on Cyber crime cases.

Reach CII Sectors

Multiple critical information infrastructure sector CISOs are on the CopConnect Platform, who need legal assistance against cyber attacks and online frauds on their organizations.

Get Technical Expertise

As a Lawyer, you will always run into technical challenges over time - so get quick help from professionals to handle critical evidence and get digital forensic support for your cases.

Benefits for Companies

Get visibility across top CISOs of critical sectors across India for your services in DFIR, Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting.

 Registration fee is INR 100,000 per year.

Reach Top CISOs

Get your company offerings in the area of Digital Forensics and Incident Response and Threat Hunting, visible across the CISO community

Get the edge in Business

The DFIR, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting are niche markets and only few companies have the expertise, even as there is a huge demand. Verify your credentials and get the edge in your business.

Hire the best talent

Get access to the best talent pool in Cyber Security across India and hire them with ease. Find consultants for short-term engagements to deal with critical assignments with confidence.

Interacting with Victims

Data Privacy & Confidentiality are non-negotiable.

Follow these guidelines while interacting with victims of Cyber Crime

Be non-judgemental

Always remember that the victim in most cases will not be as tech savvy as you are and that could be the reason they became a victim of Cybercrime. Please do not judge them based on their lack of technological knowhow and in no case should you comment or criticise their actions.

Be Supportive

Even though it may not sound like a big deal, but the person has been a victim of crime which resulted in loss of information or monetary loss. Hence, be empathetic when dealing with such people.

Never break trust

When you are working on a case, you will come across sensitive information which the victim might share with you in order to help solve the case. Hence, it is essential that you keep it confidential which in turn will mean greater trust between you and the victim. Never share this information outside and always remember your Code of Conduct.


Now this may sound simple, but sometimes we find it hard to believe that someone can do such silly acts on the internet. Well guess what, they do. As we said before, people are still novice on the web and might have fallen prey to a technique which might look very silly to you. So, try to listen and believe what the victim is saying and try to look at it from their perspective.

Be Respectful

This is again something we mentioned before but we cannot say it enough that the victim needs to be comfortable working with you. If he/she does not trust you and think you are making fun of them, they might back out altogether. It is never hard to accept a silly mistake. So always be respectful while interacting with them in person or via any other means.

Interacting with Members

Follow these guidelines while interacting with members of CopConnect

Interacting with LEA

Whenever you are interacting with the officer/personnel concerned with the case, please try to remember these points:

  • If the assistance requires any document/evidence, always communicate via email or other written modes for proof purposes
  • Always identify the contact personnel for the case and do not interact with another Police officer regarding a case they are not a part of
  • All documents collected from the Contact person should be collated and submitted to ISAC for filing purposes. This will protect you if any legal complexities were to arise.
  • You can file a log with ISAC about a physical meeting with a Law Enforcement personnel if you think the matter is too sensitive and should be brought to our notice.
  • Please do not get involved in personal matters and always remember that you are solving a case and not trading personal favours

Interacting with Experts

Whenever you feel a need to seek assistance from fellow security professionals, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Provide a brief description of the case and share information on a need to basis.
  • It will be your decision whether to include the name of the other person in your final report or not
  • You can also share/not share the details of assistance from your fellow hacker to the contact person in the Law Enforcement
  • In any case, the Code of Conduct must be followed by any person working/assisting on any case
  • Please provide the name and assistance provided to ISAC for internal purposes for every case you work on. This process ensures your credit due is always given to you.

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