Crime and Environment Safety (CES) rating and certification standard from ISAC enhances Physical Security at any premises by use of using artificial intelligence, data analysis, design elements and efficient technology driven control checks.

Seven Domain Areas for CES Rating

There are a total of seven domains that are rated for crime prevention and safety at your infrastructures.

Access Control

Physical Design and Access Control looks at architecture, design of premises, including lighting, natural surveillance, movement etc.

Facilities Safety

From CCTV, Play areas, lifts to Club house and in-house facilities, the domain looks at key safety aspects that can impact their use

Workforce Rating

The workforce rating provides ethics driven training and insurance for maids, drivers, security guards and other support staff

Data Security

Data security focuses on information and campaigns on internet safety and provisions to minimize cyber crime exposure of residents


A central location to monitor all kinds of data from various sensors and technologies deployed in the premises for safety of its uses


Focused on enhancing biophillic design, right plant adoption in parks to increase presence of birds, help decrease depression with aid of green design


Enhances community interaction and participation that ultimately supports crime prevention in the premises, helps in increase of protection of children


Certification Rating

Domain Control Level Star Points
Access Control L1 0.5
Facilities Safety L1 0.5
Workforce Rating L1 1
Data Security L2 1
SOC L2 1
Sustainability L3 0.5
Community L3 0.5

Certification Process


  • Apply for Audit

    Apply for CES Audit to protect your premises

  • Gap Analysis

    This Gap Analysis is a one week activity that covers detailed audit of your premises, including interviews of residents and staff.

  • Report

    You get a detailed report of the security gaps as per CES guidelines along with recommendations.


  • Select Controls

    Select the controls for implementation as per CES guidelines

  • Implement

    Implementation may take three to four weeks depending on the scope of implementation

  • Document

    A comprehensive documentation of process is carried out for CES Compliance.


  • Controls Review

    The review takes three days where all technical controls are tested for compliance

  • Process Review

    The process review is the final stage for CES certification

  • Certification

    Depending on the controls implemented, your premises will receive star rating for crime prevention and environment safety.

Detailed Scope of audit for each control

The comprehensive auditing of your residential society based on Crime and Environment Safety (CES) Standard allows you to review  existing security architecture, technology, people and processes, including Biophilic design principles for complete physical and cyber security gap analysis that may impact the safety of residents.

A final report with all the findings and recommendations will be presented before the executive team for further action.

We are designing schools, commercial and residential complexes based on CES Standard for smart cities

The CES Standard for crime prevention is used by multiple societies in various cities and will be a norm in future for smart city security. The standard is open and designed to protect and enhance physical security, combined with technology and unique people rating process for integrity and ethics

Multiple companies are taking advantage of the standard to improve their physical security standards for crime prevention.