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The dream of every hacker. Watch Cyberange in action!

Hacking is a serious business, teaching hacking is even more! Watch this small demo video to understand more about cyberange and how you can become a true hacker and a cyber security professional using Cyberange.

So advanced and trusted, that even the Indian Government is using it for learning hacking and cyber security.

There is no better way to learn hacking and penetration testing than learning on the amazing Cyberange platform. Don’t think twice.Ex Advisor, PMO
If you want to learn hacking and be a professional, then look no further than getting hands-on training with Cyberange.Sachin M, Microsoft India
Cyberange will blow your mind. We are lucky to learn about next generation hacking and forensic investigation for solving cyber crimes.Spl Comm, Delhi Police

What is Cyberange?

Real World, Scaled

Cyberange is a scaled model of the real world. Organizations can be simulated to better understand the state of cyber security.


An industry/organization is thoroughly researched and scaled model is constructed by bringing field experts.


Care is taken to accurately deploy real world softwares and hardware where applicable and possible.


Upon training completion, each user goes through fun but hard challenges to prove their skills. Not for the faint hearted!


Cyberange comes with a dashboard to track user progress, every registered organization gets their own dashboard to track their users progress.


If you want to learn hacking and wish to work professionally in the field of Cyber Security, than look no further! Apply today and get ahead in your career.

Critical Sectors Covered

Railways, Shipping, Transport, Nuclear, Power, Banking, Aviation, Healthcare or Telecom, you never know where your next big job will be. The course is designed to give you insight into functioning of various critical sectors so that you can take on any challenge as a security professional to protect your company.

Race on! Blue Team vs Red Team

What’s the fun without competition? You will compete with your fellow batch mates as red or blue team members to take over systems and network on the Cyberange platform. The Cyberange Dashboard keeps a detailed score of each member and team. Complete over 100+ challenges while you learn everything practically!

Awesome Missions Covered

From Electronics hacking to coding your own tools in Python, you will have to work like a true hacker to finish the course.

  • Hacking School Networks for fun and profit. – Hackers Everywhere
  • Taking over City’s Traffic Cameras. – Watching with Million Eyes
  • Controlling the Billboard – Power Rage
  • Digital Homes in your radar – Mr. Robot
  • DDOS – Fire Alarm Disruption – A Firefight
  • Fire and Smoke Detection Override. – A Failed Rescue
  • Finding the city’s Municipal Corporation to access Citizen data – The Die Hard way
  • Corporate Espionage – Duplicity.
  • Stock Market Down – Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Stealing Employee IDs – Imposter.
  • Car Key Unlock Challenge – Gone in 60 Seconds!
  • Bank Takeover – The Bank Job
  • Patient Record Manipulation – The Net.
  • Power Grid Hacking – Early Fireworks
  • Substation Overload – Lost in the Dark.
  • Dam Gate Control: Floods, Nature not Involved!
  • Rail takeover: Bad Day at the station
  • Traffic Light Control: Everything’s Green
  • HVAC Control: Tapes are burning
  • Telecom Hacking: Operation Takedown

100+ Lab Challenges covered in fully practical training. This is simply the best hacking course in India. Period.

Join the batch today. Now in Delhi / NCR.

Living outside Delhi/NCR? No Worries! Enjoy free stay and food in our awesome guesthouse when you join the course!

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