Defend The Flag Focus Areas

Threat Hunting

Best practices, methodologies and approaches for implementing Threat Hunting


Tools, Skills, capacity building in Digital Forensics and Incident Response for IT Security teams


Understanding AI & ML use cases in cyber security, evaluating and implementing for Next Gen SOC




Participant Registration and Tea


Inaugural address – Setting the Agenda




Session 1:

Threat Hunting: What is this emerging field of cyber security to detect hackers and how your organisation can benefit from it with hands-on demo and case studies.


Session 2:

Datacenter security- Next Generation SOC - How to build it and what latest technologies are shaping the industry globally.


Lunch Break

14:30- 15:30

Session 3:

Industrial security for next generation smart cities: Hands-on demo of Cyber Range and overview of latest attacks


Tea  Break

16:00 -16:30

Session 4: Feedback & Vote of Thanks

Defend the Flag (DTF) is a cyber security event series from ISAC that will be held in multiple cities across India. The program is focused on protection of critical sectors with emphasis not on offensive but defensive skills.
  • Most hacker conferences talk about “Capture the Flag”
  • Focus is always on hacking, hackathon and offense
  • No one talks about defense or defending a company
  • We have more skilled people in CTFs and hacking but almost negligible in defending networks

Today companies who are establishing SOCs and security struggle for:

  • Investigation of attacks
  • Threat Hunting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Detection of lateral movement of hackers in network
  • Early recognition of attacks and basic defensive security postures
The two day event will be held in multiple cities across India. The program will help companies build stronger cyber security measures and skills