A kid friendly superhero that helps kids fight bad guys in cyber space

Over half of young people do not tell their parents when online blackmail or cyberbullying occurs.

Girls are more likely to be involved in sextortion and cyber crime attacks, making them vulnerable with low self-esteem and to consider suicide.

The Larger Problem

  • India is Number 1 in Cyber Crimes
  • Kids & Teens cannot be monitored 24/7
  • Parents do not know how to get the right legal help

A cyber safety seminar in school is just another lecture for kids.

  • Everything is back to square one after 2 days
  • Older people talking about tech to kids does not cut the message across effectively
  • 99.99% kids and teenagers are forced for such sessions and start losing focus if the session exceeds 15 or 20 minutes

Presenting a unique kit – Cyber Safety for Kids

Story Book
Dealing with the topic Sextortion in simple manner

Activity 1
How to Create Strong

Activity 2
How to spot online chatting traps

Activity 3
Parents guide on how to talk to their kids

Animated Videos
On Cyber Safety

Top 3 Benefits to the School


Teachers will be given free training on handling basic counselling to the students on cyber crime issues


ISAC will setup ”Cyber Law Intervention Center for Kids” at your school to help parents seeking legal assistance


Free Cyber Safety workshop and “How do I” session for Parents during the PTM at the school

Use your legal skills to help the growing number of young cyber crime victims. Become an Intervention Officer today!

Join India’s largest volunteer member network of lawyers and law students who help children and their parents affected by cyber crimes.

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