India is regrettably the #1 Nation in cyber crime across the world.


Most parents have no knowledge of cyber crimes and their basic rights
Every school in India has children who are affected by cyber crime, cyber bullying, online blackmail and tech harassment
Intervention officers help children and parents from nearest schools with basic issues of cyber crime

Thankfully, you can help the victims. Attend a 2-day rapid course and become a cyber crime intervention officer.


How an Intervention Officer helps

When you become an Intervention officer, your name is given to the nearest schools based on your home location
Help schools handle basic cyber crime issues related to Social Networking platforms using Phone, E-mail or personal visits
Teach basics of cyber safety to kids and parents in schools when you get time

Become a contributor to the society by giving your little time.


Big benefits for volunteers

Free e-learning courses on hacking

Get access to paid courses on ethical hacking for free from ISAC. This will help you in future to handle cyber crime investigations and cases better.

Network with Cops and Hackers

When you sign up as a volunteer and help, you get invited to various exclusive meetups where you can network with local law enforcement experts and hackers.

Profile published in Mobile App

Get your profile and details published in the free cyber safety mobile app that will shared with millions of schools students and parents across India

Cybercrime Intervention Officer Program for Teachers, Parents and Lawyers

The cybercrime Intervention officer program provides basic background on cyber psychology to teachers to enable them to detect early signs of problems in school children and teenagers affected by their online activities and provide them with proper guidance and counselling for timely and positive intervention.


The program is delivered across 2 days (4 hours each).

Intervention Officer Program Course Contents:

  • Normal children behaving abnormally online – case studies and lessons
  • Negative relationships online – How it impacts family
  • Social Isolation – offline and online issues
  • Low self-esteem and depression – tracking early signs online
  • Tendency for violence from online activities – how to spot the signs and prevent them
  • Internet Gaming Disorder– identifying addiction and other risks
  • Paedophiles online - How to protect children
  • Addiction – various types and what to do about them
  • Tech abuse – how to counsel children and parents
  • Basic IT Act Laws that every teacher and parent must know
  • Sextortion, Cyber bullying and other online crimes – how to deal with it
  • Virtual girlfriends – how to know if the children are involved
  • Cyberchondria – Medical self-diagnosis online and its risks
  • The Deep web – What is it
  • Criminal Propaganda – Steps to prevent it
  • Guiding victims affected by cyber crime
  • Tools and techniques to monitor children for online safety effectively


  1. Get “Cybercrime Intervention Officer” Certification on completion
  2. Name on national database of intervention officers
  3. Continuous support by community of experts
  4. Support from local cyber-crime cells and police networks
  5. Access to special tool kit

Apply today!

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Yes, as a law student you can apply for the Intervention Officer program. However if you do not complete your degree or discontinue your law studies, your volunteer membership will not renew next year.