Learn the various schemes offered by ISAC under the ISAC-AICTE collaboration and apply for participation to get outstanding benefits for your institution.

build next generation capacity in cyber security and artificial intelligence

Features & benefits

Establish Center of Excellence in Cyber Security

Commit minimum 1 crore funds and get equal amount of Industry sponsorship for establishing center of excellence in Cyber Security

The detail

Join the elite with next generation cyber physical system based smart city simulator and roll out futuristic graduate and master degrees in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Increase placements by implementing ethics program

From as low as INR 500 per student for certification, the ethics program will vastly increase campus placements

The detail

Clean Exit is an innovative ethics program for your students that will attract recruiters in your campus. The program gives a financial guarantee against frauds and misconducts and the companies simply love it!

National Security Database Certification

Commit 40 students or more and bring high quality cyber security training and capacity in your campus that gives them offer letters on day of joining the program.

The detail

For Institutions that want to cater to the highly demanded job openings in cyber security, the prestigious National Security Database program is the best way to get your students noticed by the Industry.

Faculty Development Program in Cyber Security

In collaboration with NRDC, over 100 Institutions will benefit by fully sponsored Faculty Development Programs in Cyber Security

The detail

Weather you are heading a center of excellence or designing the next generation course for your students, the Faculty Development Program will help you stay in the game with hands-on training and support.

Merit based Internships by means of Hackathons

Gain access to over 1000+ internships in the Industry for your students by hosting or participating in the cyber security Hackathons.

The detail

ISAC and AICTE will conduct six Hackathons every year in Cyber Security to enable your institution to get that coveted internship for your students with exposure to real world environment and subsequently a rewarding career

Get Ethics Rating for your Institution

Having an ethics rating will help your institution in many ways - from increasing campus placements, getting government and industry grants to being the preferred destination for students for their education.

The detail

The Ethics Rating Program jointly awarded by ISAC and AICTE is aimed at differentiating and identifying highly transparent and ethical institutions that can be trusted by the Industry, Government and Students.