Building Credible Workforce

National Security Database (NSD) is a prestigious certification program from Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country.

Various Certification Levels in National Security Database

Intervention Officer

First responders for Cyber crimes. Designed for Lawyers, Parents, Teachers and Counsellors.


The Cadet level is awarded to all professionals who clear the theory exam in any of the designated technical domains.


The highest technical level in NSD, Falcon level is awarded to all professionals who clear the 8-hour lab exam in any of the designated technical domains


Awarded to professionals with 7 or more years of sector specific domain experience. On invitation only.


Awarded to nominated leaders who have made significant impact in the cyber security industry. On Invitation only.

Technical Domains in National Security Database


  • NCIO: Intervention Officer

  • NCPT: Penetration Tester

  • NCWT: Web App Penetration Tester

  • NCXR: Exploit Researcher


  • NCFI: Forensics Investigator

  • NCMA: Malware Analyst

  • NCRE: Reverse Engineer

  • NCTP: Threat Hunter

  • NCTI: Threat Intelligence Professional

  • NCSA: SOC Analyst


  • NCIS: Industrial Security Professional

  • NCDP: Drone Security Professional

  • NCIP: iOT Security Professional

Less than 10% professionals pass our famed 8-hour lab exam. It’s why NSD professionals do not just get jobs but also get to keep it.

Security Clearance Levels for NSD

NSD security clearance levels helps in classification of a professional based on his technical and psychometric credit rating to qualify access to sensitive information (or access to sensitive federal government sites and/or assets). Profile charts and in depth expert narrative reports of the candidate are maintained for decision-making and feedback. These describe an individual's typical interpersonal behavior, thinking style and ways of coping with stress.


Basic Reliability (L0)

  • For Local Police
  • Clearance for handling regular Cyber Crime Cases
  • Controlled access to information on need-basis

Enhanced Status (L1)

  • For Local and State Police
  • For advanced assignments related to Cyber Security Investigations and Research

Confidential (L2)

  • Awarded to Falcons
  • For Indian Intelligence agencies
  • Minimum 5 years of experience required in respective domains
  • Psychometric testing mandatory for clearance

Secret (L3)

  • Same as L2
  • Additional checks, interviews and references needed
  • Psychometric testing required every year

Top Secret (L4)

  • Same as L3
  • Character reference required
  • Psychometric testing required for every assignment

Security clearance is awarded by ISAC to NSD Professionals based on their conduct over a period of time.

NSD Certification Process


Get Official Training

  • Select the technical domain
  • Attend official training
  • Schedule your exams

Achieve CADET Level

  • Clear online exam
  • 2 Hours, Multiple choice questions
  • Tests your concepts in-depth

Achieve FALCON Level

  • Requires clearing 8-hour Lab exam
  • Held every three months
  • Highly technical and hands-on

Your Benefits

3 Interviews - Guaranteed.

When you get certified, you will receive awesome placement assistance from ISAC.

Unlimited Class Revisions

Register once and repeat classes as many times as you want across the year.

Financial Guarantee

Your employers get a cover of INR 500,000 against your code of conduct!