Opening for 2017 Summer Internships

The following research areas are open for Internships between 15th May 2017 to 15th July 2017

Research Areas:

  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environment Design, studying smart cities etc)
  • Malware Analysis (Malware Repo building, development, analysis)
  • Short Film Making (Cyber Safety Awareness series, YouTube Videos etc)
  • Comic Design on Cyber Security (Concept, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Sketching, Penciling etc)
  • Academic Collaboration (Meeting principals, VCs, Facilitating collaborations, taking seminars etc)
  • CTF Development (create challenges around Cyberange, develop tools, scripts etc)
  • Content Writer (take interviews, surveys, create articles, design concepts etc)

If you are interested in any of these topics, please feel free to apply! Kindly note that all internships are unpaid. However, you will get the following benefits:

Benefits at the end of successful Internship:

  • Letter of experience and internship from ISAC
  • *Free 3 day Cyberange Training on Hacking and Penetration Testing worth INR 45,000/-
  • Training completion certificate
  • Complimentary exam voucher for National Security Database (NSD) program
  • Discount coupons for various ISAC supported Hacker / Cyber Security conferences

Apply today!

Please note that for qualifying for the 3 day training, you must be a full time intern and must successfully complete all the given assignments!


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