Rajshekhar Murthy - Director

Passionate about Information Security and Privacy, Rajshekhar Murthy has over 16 years of professional experience and has previously worked with Microsoft Corporation and Etisalat Telecom.

Karthik Varma - Head of Operations

Karthik has over a decade of hands-on experience in the field of Information Security and Project execution. He has trained various organizations on Threat Analysis and Offensive security.

Ritesh Joshi - Legal Consultant

Ritesh has previously worked with many organizations as legal expert, including Etisalat Telecom and ATOS. At ISAC, Ritesh looks after all legal aspects, including the Clean Exit program.

Amanish Lohan - Liaison Coordinator

Amanish is the Liaison Coordinator and is tasked with communications with our partners and clients. He is an International Affairs Analyst and also manages the Education Outreach and Training programs.

Harsh Shah - Digital Media Pro

Harsh handles a number of activities, including maintaining the website, sound engineering, video editing, graphic designing and our e-learning platforms. Harsh has a Bachelors in Computer Science and loves travelling and photography.

Piyush Kumar - Comic Book Artist

Piyush Kumar is a professional pencil artist and has many works to his credit, including working for the famous Chacha Chowdhary comic books. At ISAC he handles the Hanubot Comic series on cyber safety.

Prince Ayush - Comic Book Artist

Ayush is a professional graphic novelist. He has previously worked in Immensive art studio and Profound Comics. At ISAC, Ayush leads the comic creation program.

Khumaer Singh - Operations Consultant

Khumaer Singh has a rich business development background and looks after various operational activities of ISAC and is focused on academic outreach of trainings and services.

Dominic Karunesudas - Director Strategy & Innovation

Recipient of IT Media Fellowship Award from Carnegie Mellon University, Felicitated by Indian Air Force, Indian Army and Government of India, Dominic is a strategic communications advisor and mentor to a number of startups and government agencies in the InfoSec sector.

Dr Niru Kumar - Advisor

Dr Niru is a Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Gender Diversity Consultant, Mars Venus coach, Senior Barbara Annis Associate, Pranic healer, Reiki Grandmaster and teacher, Hypnotherapy practitioner, teacher affiliated to California Hypnosis Institute and an NLP expert.

Lt Vineet Kumar - Advisor

Vineet Kumar with over 14+ years of experience in Cyber Security is the Founder & President of Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF) an NGO working against Cyber wars and Cyber Weapons. He is also a chèvening scholar and student of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom (Ministry of Defence & Cranfield University).

Rakshit Tandon - Advisor

Mr. Rakshit Tandon , Founder/Chariman of A & R Info Security Solutions Pvt Ltd, has experience of more than a decade in Security Domain and is an advisor at ISAC for Internet and Online Safety Programs.

Dr. Binu Chellathurai - Advisor

Dr Binu Chellathurai is a Doctor as well as a Pilot. He works with ISAC foundation on initiatives related to Cyber Health and Counselling of victims affected by Cyber Crime.

Ateev Kapoor - Strategic Advisor

Ateev Kapoor is a strategic advisor to ISAC and is a practicing lawyer in Supreme Court. He is an expert in fraud investigations and money laundering crimes.